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7 Must-Try Winter Break Camps Online For Your Children

Keeping your kids engaged and occupied will be easy with a winter break camp. Kids need an outlet for all of their energy and curiosity.

Camps online will give them a fun experience in areas of their interest. Many of the various classes will keep your child interested and provide them with an activity to pursue.

We have listed seven winter break online classes that will be fun and entertaining. And at the same time, this will give your child a reason to be a happy camper!

 1. The Ultimate Minecraft Camp

Grades 1 – 7 December 28, 2020, to January 1, 2021

This camp will help your child to use their creativity! They will learn to work individually and collaborate in an entire world created on a private server.

Your child will then have the opportunity for both individual and multiplayer experiences in winter-themed builds. 

They will have exceptional survival and scratch crafting recipes to try. And also, it will be both fun and educational to explore customized winter Minecraft maps. 

Your child will use coding logic with Redstone and electric circuitry, along with game design. The building competitions will culminate at the end of the week’s Winter Wonderland tournament.

Open to campers of all levels. The campers are grouped based on age and ability. 

In addition, a Minecraft account will be provided for all campers unless they prefer to use their own Minecraft Java Edition.

Visit here to get more details: 2020 Virtual Winter Break Minecraft Camps

2. Winter Break Virtual Robotics II with Vex VR

Grades 5 – 8 December 28, 2020, to January 1, 2021

This fun course will boost your child’s critical thinking skills while they have a load of fun in this cutting-edge robotics camp. 

They will have the opportunity to program their own Virtual Vex Robot. Programming for the robot will include tasks ranging from the mastery of Capture the Flag to solving mazes and much more. 

Your child will learn to teach their robot to use input from virtual sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and customized programs to complete various challenges. 

They will also have a lot of fun thrown in with learning that includes off-road races, demolition derbies, and secret spy missions. 

Campers will learn more about how software and hardware work together to create the penultimate AI robot. 

The camp’s end includes the camper’s preparation for their robot’s participation in the ROBOWARS competition.

Visit here to get more details: Winter Break Virtual Robotics Camps for Kids

3. Winter Break Space Camp – Kerbal Space Program

Grades 5 – 9 December 28, 2020, to January 1, 2021

Your camper will blast off to the planet Kerbal in this winter break space camp! Plan to create, direct, and build your own space program. 

Campers will explore, innovate, and learn rocket science (yes, it IS rocket science!) while using the critically acclaimed simulation game Kerbal Space Program. 

Your camper will be able to get creative when they design their spaceship. They will conduct experiments to unlock features and launch and pilot multi-stage rockets within a physics-accurate flight simulation. 

Campers will build and customize their space station with Roblox’s game design studio. Using graphic editing software, your camper will also design their custom space T-shirt.

Visit here to get more details: 2020 Virtual Space Camps with Kerbal

4. Arts And Animals

Ages 7 to 11 December 21 to December 31, 2020, and January 5 to March 9, 2021

Explore the natural history of animals while making your animal art. There will be various animals, octopuses, wolves, the aye-aye, bees, penguins, gorillas, harbor seals, and elephants explored. 

Campers will create their mythological animals and give real animals special adaptations. 

Favorite animals will be made using newspaper, tape, plaster strips, and fake fur. 

Your child will also put together costumes, make animal masks, and have a virtual animal ball with improvisational dances. 

Games with wolf roleplay and selkie (seals that turn into humans) will guarantee a fun and learning experience. 

Your camper will experience an artistic, playful, and educational look at wild animals.

Visit here to get more details: Wild Imagination Classes

5. LEGO Creative Builders From TechKnowHow

Ages 5 to 9 December 28 to December 30, 2020

Your virtual camper will take part in a creative building with LEGO elements. Animals, biomes, outer space settlements, and city skyscrapers will be a few exciting and innovative projects explored. 

Your child will learn to build within Zoom small groups to interact with the teacher and other campers in the group. 

Using the LEGOS that they have at home, campers will be encouraged to let their imaginations explore new creations. 

They will get a chance to show off their creations and talk about how their creation was inspired and built. 

This allows each camper to have social interaction with other fellow builders and share their mutual experience.

Visit here to get more details: Winter Break LEGO Creative builders

6. Resilient Kids Camp From Outschool

Ages 7 to 11 December 21 to December 29, 2020

Especially relevant in these difficult times, Resilient Kids Camp helps kids learn how to navigate a complicated and often stressful world. 

These campers will learn how to reach for their dreams with confidence. These pandemic times have shown the importance of having strong resilience skills. 

Students will learn about and be able to practice using emotion regulation tools to get to a calmer state and gain confidence in their ability to do so. 

They will know and understand that they have control over their learning and behaviors. 

Being able to apply that to a habit of expressing gratitude will help students develop healthy thinking habits. 

Their awareness of unhelpful thoughts and strategies to shift to more helpful thinking will give them the tools to use during stressful times. 

These campers will also learn how to communicate and listen more effectively and problem-solving skills that will contribute to their resiliency.

Visit here to get more details: Resilient Kids Camp – Winter Break | Small Online Class

7. Art Camp 504

Ages 6 to 15 Class dates vary depending on the class

Art Camp 504 works with young and aspiring artists-to-be. Campers worldwide will find a unique opportunity to learn, create, and socialize within a fun and friendly virtual space. 

Classes are small, which guaranteed one-on-one attention. Your camper will be able to choose from Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Cooking, or Dungeons & Dragons. 

Visual Arts will see your camper getting hands-on learning in drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and design. 

They will use Procreate (digital painting), photography, filmmaking, and animation. 

Performing Arts will have your child expressing themselves in interactive classes like theater, dance, improv, and magic. 

There will be a live Zoom performance for your family and friends at the class end! 

Cooking helps aspiring cooks to learn about techniques that include safe food handling, preparation, and presentation. 

You will especially like this class as each camper will create a weekly meal to share with the family! 

Dungeons & Dragons is the classic tabletop game introduced to a new generation. Campers will solve problems and use their imaginations to roleplay as a hero in their own story. 

Choose one or more of these fun and exciting virtual classes for the winter break.

Visit here to get more details: Art Camp 504

In Conclusion

A winter break camp will give your child something to look forward to, and a fun activity where they can interact with others in a virtual setting.

Camps online give your child the opportunity to participate in a class that interests them and keeps them engaged and excited.

Choose one or more camps online to provide a new and entertaining experience for your child over the winter break.