Last modified on November 19th, 2019 at 10:44 am

Go Green for Business: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Business Cards

The number of business cards printed each year is around 10 billion. Within a week, 88% of those cards get trashed.

Business cards help you promote your business, but they also contribute to a major trash problem. Outdated printing processes add to the potentially damaging effects of business cards.

Choosing eco friendly business cards is a small, inexpensive way you can make your business a little more earth-friendly. Simple changes in the paper, ink, and printing processes can decrease your environmental impact.

Keep these green business card tips in mind before ordering your next batch.

Pick Sustainable Paper

Paper with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) seal alerts you to a sustainable option. Paper bearing the seal is made from sustainably harvested trees to minimize the impact on the environment.

Printing your business cards on recycled paper is an easy way to protect natural resources. No new trees need to be cut down to create your cards. When possible, choose paper that’s 100% recycled.

Consider Seed Paper

Encourage business card recipients to recycle them in a more creative way when they’re done by using seed paper. This option has a natural look with visible seeds embedded in the paper. Once your customers save the necessary info from the card, they can plant it in a pot and enjoy flowers. 

Skip Bleaching and Other Processing

Paper often undergoes a bleaching process to create the crisp white color. Bleach uses harsh, toxic chemicals that end up in the water and can damage the environment. The toxins are harmful to plant life and animals.

Choose unbleached paper options to limit the chemicals used in the process. Paper categorized as TCF, or totally chlorine-free, is the safest choice. This results in a more natural option to keep unnecessary chemicals away from you and out of the environment.

Choose Green Ink Options

Soy or vegetable-based inks offer a more green option for printing your cards. Look for a printer that uses eco-friendly printing processes. Traditional methods use a large amount of water, which is wasteful.

Limit What You Print

Business card companies often give you great deals the more cards you print. Your per-card costs go down, which helps your budget. But you may end up with an excess of business cards.

Printing more cards than you need wastes resources. It also potentially produces a lot more waste if those cards end up in the trash. Order a smaller number of cards to better match your business needs.

Print Them Yourself

If you don’t need hundreds of business cards, printing them yourself can be a more eco-conscious option. Choose from business card templates to design a custom card. Then, print them as you need them.

This option gives you full control over the type of paper and ink used. You can limit how many cards you print to prevent waste. You also eliminate shipping, which also helps improve your carbon footprint. 

Choose Eco Friendly Business Cards

Using eco friendly business cards for your company makes a statement about your commitment to sustainability.

Smart paper and ink choices reduce your carbon footprint. Check out more articles to find other ways to go green at home and at work.