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4 Eco-Friendly Sunglasses You Can Wear This Fall

sunglasses are the classic summertime accessory! It’s time to bring out your favorite eco-friendly sunglasses in fall. They are perfect to complement our outfit and enhance our style. They’re also essential to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sunglasses usually come in many different styles, shapes, and colors. Other types of materials, such as metal, plastic, acetate, wood, and many more, are used to make varieties of sunglasses. However, there are three types of material that we especially love and highly recommend for so many good reasons, and these are bamboo and wooden and cork sunglasses!

Why choose eco-friendly sunglasses? There are huge fans of sustainable frames made from cork and wood and bamboo, which is an excellent material for sunglasses design. It is moisture-resistant and more vital than steel and lightweight and long-lasting and floatable by nature. It doesn’t even require replanting. Wood and cork have a minimal impact on the environment.It is also reusable, biodegradable, and fire- and water-resistant.

Eco-friendly sunglasses are stylish and practical and non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. We are making them the perfect piece to compliment our look and protect our eyes with fashion and sustainability

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses Are Environmentally-Friendly

By choosing eco-friendly sunglasses, we are making a conscious choice to help save the environment. Dominating a pair of plastic sunglasses with eco-friendly sunglasses can make a difference in our carbon footprint. 

Wood and cork and bamboo are some of the most environmentally friendly materials. These are unique materials that help tackle climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The production and processing of eco-friendly sunglasses require much less energy than regular sunglasses made of steel, plastic, or any other material. 

Bamboo and cork and wood are also recyclable and biodegradable, meaning that once we toss our eco-friendly sunglasses away, they turn into a new pair of glasses. It won’t sit polluting the earth for the next thousands of years like plastic. Sustainably sourced bamboo and cork, and wood are renewable materials. 

They come directly from trees and continually regrown through natural processes, replanting, and proper forestry management. There is a better way to look fabulous while helping to save the planet than by wearing a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses.

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses Do Not Contain Harmful Substances

Bamboo and cork and wood are naturally durable. These materials don’t have to go through too much processing to make a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses. In other words, they’re all-natural. Bamboo and wood, and cork are a naturally hypoallergenic material. 

Eco-friendly sunglasses don’t carry any harmful chemicals, and we aren’t at risk of toxic substances. That aspect allows for continuous long day wear without the risk causing any irritation on the skin.

Wearing eco-friendly accessories is healthy. Exposure to bamboo and cork and wooden products can positively affect the health and well-being of a person. Many research studies have proven that eco-friendly use has measurable physiological and psychological health benefits, like feeling happier and calmer and relaxed.

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses Are Durable

A pair of eco-friendly sunglasses is durable. Bamboo and cork and wood is a durable material that can withhold extended use without degrading or losing quality with time and makes it resistant to heat and water. 

Eco-friendly sunglasses are sold by reputable brands made from the highest quality bamboo and cork and wood for superior strength and durability. Bamboo and cork and wood are highly durable materials that require little to no maintenance, and it is fashionable.

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses Are Comfortable

 We’ll find that eco-friendly sunglasses noticeably more comfortable when compared to any other sunglasses. They are incredibly lightweight, providing superior comfort that can allow for long day wear without feeling any pressure or discomfort.

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses are Unique

 Eco-friendly sunglasses are the choice to make them unique! Each pair and type of bamboo and cork and wood hold their unique grain, color, and texture, making it a one-of-a-kind design. Eco-friendly sunglasses offer a different style, subtle lines in the frame that differ from every pair to the other.

  • Eco-friendly Sunglasses are Fashionable and Versatile

Bamboo and cork and wood are naturally beautiful materials used to decorate the home with furniture or enhance our outfit with eco-friendly accessories! Like all the sunglasses, we might find eco-friendly sunglasses from wayfarers to aviators, both designed and shaped and into different kinds of glasses.

  • Supporting Eco-friendly & Sustainable Fashion

Choosing eco-friendly sunglasses helps grow sustainable fashion, and it aims to eliminate the use of plastic and waste of materials on the environment and planet. Most consumers are not aware of the increase in carbon footprint due to the high energy use and processing. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials minimize the carbon footprint, chemical waste, pollution of rivers, and oceans. By choosing eco-friendly sunglasses and sustainable fashion brands, we’re choosing to say no to fast fashion.

These five eco-friendly sunglasses brands are not only trendsetters in style to wear this fall, but in the conscious-consumer movement as well.

1. Grown sunglasses

Based In | Australia

Eco-Materials | wood & bamboo

Give Back | Wildlife rescue & care

Eco-friendly Grown Eyewear sunglasses are handcrafting from durable bamboo and hardwoods. All of the materials in each pair used are organic, renewable, and free from harmful or toxic elements inspired by a desire to make a deep and meaningful impact on the planet.

2. Panda Sunglasses

Based In | Washington, USA

Eco-Materials | Sustainable bamboo

Give Back | Various Environmental Initiatives

These eco-friendly sunglasses are from sustainable bamboo and provide employee training and help start eye care centers worldwide. Each sale of these eco-friendly sunglasses contributes to free exams and prescription glasses.

3. Kraywoods Zebra Wood Sunglasses

Based In |Canada

Eco-Materials | wood

Give Back | Commitment to nature

Zebra Wood is originating from West Africa. It’s an exotic hardwood characterized by dark brown to black stripes. These dramatic-looking Zebra wood eco-friendly sunglasses combine light with dark. They are highly durable and resistant.

4. Dick Moby

Based In | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eco-Materials | Biodegradable & wood

Give Back | Commitment to sustainability

Dick Moby makes glasses from biodegradable and wood. The recycled eco-friendly sunglasses frames use salvaged slivers of surgical-grade stainless steel.

Eco-friendly sunglasses are arguably the best kind of eyewear we can ever buy, whether they’re from bamboo or wood or cork. They protect our eyes with fashion and help reduce our carbon footprint. 

We’re making a positive environmental impact with our eco-friendly sunglasses purchase! When we purchase a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses from anywhere, a part of the proceeds goes to planting trees somewhere. The world of sunglasses is offering us more options to fit our style and value.

Choose a favorite pair of eco-friendly sunglasses to wear this fall and be part of the movement!