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A Day in the Life of a Veterinary Assistant: An Outline of Their Duties

What exactly does a veterinary assistant do? If you’ve always dreamed about working with animals, a veterinary assistant is a good place to start!

Veterinary assistant jobs are increasing at a rapid rate. There were 92,200 jobs available in 2018. With a high growth rate of 19%, that number is expected to reach 109,800 by 2028. 

This rewarding career requires medical knowledge, steady hands, and a caring heart. There a range of essential duties a veterinary assistant must perform to help out all the other employees and provide patients with the best possible care.

Read our guide to find out what a veterinary assistant does and how to become one.

Duties of Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary assistants can work in any place that helps provide care for animals. This includes veterinary hospitals or clinics and research laboratories. Wherever they work, they help keep things running smoothly by performing a variety of essential duties.

A vet assistant helps the veterinarian perform medical tasks. They may aid in surgeries, perform tests, or help calm the patient. 

Vet assistants help keep animals happy while maintaining the facility. They may provide medications, feed patients, and clean cages.

A veterinary assistant may have social duties as well. They communicate with owners to reassure them and explain treatments.

Vet assistants also work with front-of-house employees such as receptionists. They may help with paperwork, checking patients in, and other clerical duties.

These are only some of the duties a veterinary assistant may perform. If something needs to get done in a veterinary care facility, they’ll be there helping out.

How to Become a Vet Assistant

The educational requirements for vet assistant jobs are low. A high school diploma is usually enough to at least get you considered. 

It’s best to get as much education as possible in such a competitive industry. Various schools offer veterinary assistant programs, some of which include on-the-job training.

There are personal traits a veterinary assistant needs to complete their job effectively. They should be skilled, compassionate communicators who can help pet owners through some of the most difficult times in their lives.

There are also other characteristics a vet assistant must possess. They need to be physically strong enough to restrain frightened patients, not be afraid of blood and gore, and continue to learn as the veterinary field changes.

The more training you receive and the knowledge you collect, the more attractive a candidate you’ll be when applying for vet assistant jobs. Check here for more on how to become a vet assistant.

Finding Vet Assistant Jobs

A veterinary assistant’s job is to step in wherever they’re needed. Whether it’s helping keep things moving at the front desk, communicating with owners, or helping the vet with a difficult patient, they help keep things running smoothly so patients can be cured.

Veterinary assistant jobs aren’t difficult to find, as there are plenty of veterinary hospitals throughout the world. Competition is high, so be sure you have enough knowledge and the right qualities before applying. 

Whether you’re looking for vet assistant jobs to help reach the next level in your career or you just love and want to work with animals, consider becoming a part of this growing job field.

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